Rob Carter
Marketing Consultant
Market & Competitive Analysis
 How is your business doing, and how do you compare to your direct and indirect competitors? I’ll do the research and provide a corresponding marketing strategy.
Search Engine Marketing
Is your website bringing in new customers and sales? I can help you with visibility, traffic and qualified customers, through organic and paid search.
Email Marketing
Do you have a customer email list, and if so are you making the most of it? I can help you build your list and turn it into one of your top lead and sales engines.
Website Analytics

Do you have and use website analytics tools? I can help you set up the analytics tools you need and use the data to make measurable improvements to your marketing.
Social Media Development
Are you taking advantage of the unique value that social media offers? I’ll show you how to leverage your social presence to build awareness and drive customers to your website and/or retail store.
Over the years, I have had the privilege of leading the marketing and product development for a publishing company targeting business executives. That journey has led me through the launch of print, audio and digital products, and through the transition from direct mail and print advertising to search marketing, email and social media. Along the way I’ve learned key marketing principles that can be applied across all media and product categories, and the importance of marketing flexibility.

Now I’m helping companies small and large to apply these same principles to their products and marketplace. As always, my goal is to provide a measurable return for every marketing dollar. My marketing skills include:
  • New product & service launches
  • Strategic market planning
  • Search Marketing (SEM, SEO, PPC)
  • Email copywriting and response analysis
  • Website analytics
  • Social media integration
  1. 2010-2017
    Digital Media at Soundview, Inc
    I oversaw all marketing including lead generation, email marketing, social media development, PR, renewals, live webinars and the support of a corporate sales team. My responsibilities included strategy and analysis, scheduling, copywriting, design direction, and coordination with email coordinator, graphic designer, web team and customer service staff.
  2. 1999- 2010
    Direct Response Media at Soundview
    I led all areas of marketing, planning, budgeting and analysis of marketing for product line. I handled research and development of new products, managed a three person marketing team, and worked directly with the creative director, traffic manager, web developer and customer service staff.
  3. 1990-1999
    Direct Mail & Advertising at Soundview
    I oversaw all elements of direct mail campaigns in U.S., Canada and Internationally. I also worked with print and lettershop vendors, customer service, data entry, order fulfillment, and operations manager to coordinate marketing efforts.
  1. He's the go-to-guy for your e-commerce marketing strategies while managing a cost-effective marketing campaign.

    Mark Pauquette, Soundview Inc

  2. Rob has proven to be highly organized, provided timely reporting, able to work very independently and enhanced the positive impression of the Addison County Chamber.

    Sue Hoxie, President, ACCofC


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